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Ocean Adventure Badges for Boy and Girl Scouts

Through the stoke of surfing and ocean science, WB Surf Camp provides exciting hands-on and interactive opportunities for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to earn environmental badges. Our goal is to engage students while encouraging participation, individual exploration, teamwork, and challenge. Each program immerses students in the fascinating world of marine/environmental science through interactive field experiences.

Our curriculum covers ocean safety, oceanography, marine biology, coastal conservation, and ecology. Field trips vary for each program and are determined by class size, student abilities, weather conditions, location availability, and accessibility. We welcome all inquiries and our education department can structure our dynamic curriculum and design a program to fit your group’s specific needs.

Boy Scout badges include:

  • Environmental science
  • Fish and wildlife conservation
  • Oceanography

Girl Scout badges include:

  • Environmental health
  • Water wonders
  • Each badge has its own specific set of requirements.

WB Surf Camp is a unique experience for students interested in exploring the dynamic curriculum of surfing and marine science. We provide a safe and fun environment to gain both technical skills and self-confidence through our proven teaching systems.

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