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Family Surf Camp Costa Rica

Join us for our Family Costa Rica Surf Camp travel adventure! This program is custom designed for your family, from beginner to advanced. By surfing in a small group setting, your ability and confidence level will go through the roof while having the most incredible family vacation of your life.

Costa Rica has a tropical climate and enjoys year-round water temps around 80 degrees. It has two separate coasts, the Pacific and the Caribbean, and receives swells from many different directions depending on the time of the year. There are over 50 well-known, named surf breaks and just as many lesser known ones. We will be surfing the Pacific Coast and exploring several beach breaks in the beautiful Tamarindo area.

Costa Rica is a beautiful, diverse country with a lot to see and do. In addition to daily surf sessions, we provide our clients with other activities including a zip line tour through a rainforest canopy where you will see monkeys and iguanas, and the opportunity to explore amazing pristine beaches. Our expert coaches will also teach you about wave dynamics, wave prediction, and surfing etiquette.

There is so much more to surfing than riding a wave, and we want you to have the full experience! Participants ages 7+ and up are welcome, and each high quality session is limited. Make your plans now for an adventure you’ll never forget!

The cost depends simply on how many of our coaches you would like.  As having over 20 years of experience and deep connections to the amazing people of this country we offer up customized, unique, amazing and memorable family surfing vacations. Our clients pick where they would like to stay and what additional activities they would like to so and our coaches will lead the way. From air port pick up to drop offs to concierge level surf instruction our coaches are the best in the business and bill out at $500/day per coach plus door to door expenses.

To schedule your Family Surf Camp in Coasta Rica, call 910.256.7873 and ask for Chase. This adventure can be privately chartered for your family’s surf vacation. Our surf coaches are currently booked out through mid March 2023.

Recommended Accommodations

If you are into a boutique hotel, we recommend The RipJack Inn as it sets itself apart from all others as one of the only hotels located near the pristine and tranquil white sand beach of Playa Grande. Located within Marino Las Baulas National Park, Grande Beach is the site of the arribadas of the leather-back sea turtle. Off the beaten path, this boutique hotel gives vacationers from all over the globe an irreplaceable feeling of tranquility, rare beauty, and rejuvenation in an area that embodies the term “Pura Vida.”

The hotel offers 21 guest rooms and suites. The rooms have been designed for the comfort and enjoyment of all guests. Each room offers air conditioning, ceiling fans, hot water, private baths, coffee maker, in-room safe, daily housekeeping, and toiletries. The hotel offers the use of two pools, complimentary WiFi in common areas, and laundry services.

The RipJack’s famous treetop, open-air restaurant gives you a unique tree top dining experience. They offer a highly unique menu of delicious farm to table delicacies and tasty cocktails that is as delicious as it is healthy. Another unique feature at the RipJack is their peaceful and beautiful yoga shala. The yoga space is made of stunning teak wood, enclosed by tall glass windows and covered by a majestic palapa roof. From the moment you enter the studio amidst the palms and bamboo gardens, you will feel calm and at ease.

As far as surfing goes, you can practically roll out of bed and into some of the area’s most consistent and best waves. Check the surf in the morning on your short walk to the beach while you sip some of the finest coffee in the world.



The weather of Costa Rica offers a pleasing welcome as your plane sets down in this lush tropical climate. You’ve finally reached the active traveler’s paradise, where a full week of surfing and exploration awaits! Your WB Surf Camp Instructors will be awaiting your arrival at the Liberia International Airport, ready to escort you south to your chosen accommodations. After settling in, your instructors will welcome everyone over an orientation dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.


The aroma of freshly roasted Costa Rican coffee trails through the air as the sun rises and peeks out from behind the mountains. Perfect conditions set up with glassy waves peeling out front. Smiles, laughs, and plenty of waves are shared as we soak up the warm water during our first morning session. Our instructors work with each individual, establishing and providing a foundation for lifelong surfing skills. After a strong first session, you’ll have some free time to relax before lunch, then a second session follows where we continue to work on your popups and paddling skills.  Looking around the dinner table you will see the excitement overwhelming each person’s face; you’re officially in paradise and learning how to surf!


The new soreness in your muscles dissolves the moment you enter the water. We’ll take you to the spot where conditions are best each day. Perhaps Playa Avellanas, a white sand beach located on a mangrove reserve with perfect left and right handers, will be the call today. It’s one of the most tranquil, pristine beaches around and offers waves for all skill levels. There’s even an outside reef break known as “Little Hawaii” that you can see off in the distance past the rivermouth. You’ll start to get a feel for timing the waves as your instructors explain the importance of knowing when to paddle and when to back off. You may start paddling into your own waves today, which is the next step once you’re comfortably popping up on a wave.


Today we may stay right in Playa Grande, home to beautiful coastal vegetation and one of the country’s prominent leatherback sea turtle nesting sites. You will be surfing mostly beach breaks and sandbars during this surf vacation because they are the most beginner friendly. You’ll be amazed at the improvement you’ve made, and you may be ready to progress from riding the face of the wave to going down the line. Don’t worry – we’ll explain what all these terms mean during our evening seminars. In the afternoon, if it’s on your families bucket list, we’ll add the adrenaline rush of zip-lining through the lush treetop canopy and across wide open valleys of the surrounding mountains. The evening will wrap up with a gourmet dinner and a video analysis session. Video analysis helps us learn so much about our positioning and stance, while getting some good laughs as we put everything into slow motion.


There are so many breaks available to us, so today we may scout out Langosta (“lobster” in Spanish) or Las Casitas (“the little houses”) across the Tamarindo Rivermouth. Your instructors will work with you on wave selection and how to speed up/slow down the board. We break everything down for you so you learn one step at a time, gaining confidence with each day. After a full morning of surf we’ll return to Playa Grande for some family relaxation.   In the evening we’ll review more surfing footage, observing that the group’s surfing ability has significantly improved over the course of the week.


On our final day of surfing, we’ll be focusing on each client’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you work on any areas in which you would like to become more skilled. You start to realize you’ll be returning home with a solid foundation of surfing and the confidence to make this a lifelong sport. As the sun meets the horizon we realize we’ve officially become accustomed to “tico time,” focusing on the present moment while embracing the natural beauty of this special place.


The past seven days seem like a dream – the kind you don’t want to wake up from! A final breakfast and then it’s off to the airport. We say our goodbyes Costa Rican style…”Pura Vida (Pure Life)!” …and start thinking about next year’s WB Surf Camp adventure. A family that surfs together….stays together!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have some surf experience will I get to learn more advanced maneuvers?

Our staff is composed of amazing free surfers as well as competitive surfers, all of whom will be able to coach you to a higher level of wave reading, performance, and creativity in your surfing.

Where will I be surfing?

We will be surfing at several amazing beaches including the beautiful crystal green waters of Playa Grande, Playa Avellanas, Tamarindo, and Langosta. Multiple bottom contours, compositions, and options for all tides make the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica a great place to learn to surf. We will have access to several other world class breaks within 30 min as well.

What kind of non-surfing activities can we participate in?

As we custom design itinerary based on what your family wants to do we can include any these options.

  • Zip-lining through amazing rain forest canopies to see monkeys, iguanas, and exotic frogs
  • Whitewater raft down exciting tropical river
  • Basic Spanish instruction classes
  • Sunset Catamaran Tour
  • Hiking a volcano at Rincon de la Vieja
Do you provide equipment or should I bring my own?

All equipment is provided. We provide a variety of boards but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, to travel to Costa Rica you need a valid passport.

Does Costa Rica accept US Currency?

Almost every store accepts US currency, and for those that do not, you will be able to exchange US dollars for colones.

Is Costa Rica a safe country to visit?

Yes, exceptionally so. They abolished the army in 1949 and have focused their efforts on creating greater equality of wealth among citizens and protecting their natural resources. Costa Rica has the highest standard of living in Central America, and over 27% of the country land has been set aside for conservation.

Rachel- Long Island, NY

“While I was on the plane, I couldn’t help but start to cry knowing it was over. Looking at the pictures of all my new friends, I promised myself I would be going back next summer, even if I had to walk all the way. Only a few more months till I’m back. I don’t know if I will be able to leave again.”

Remy- Redwood City, CA

“Thank you so much for everything. It was the highlight of my summer, and one of the best experiences in my life.”

Joe- Mill Valley, CA

“Costa Rica was by far my best WB Surf Camp trip yet. The level of instruction was fantastic and helped me get to a higher level in my surfing ability. The cultural experience and the friendly local people made the trip even better. Looking forward to the next CR trip.”

Al- Tucson, AZ

“As someone who just passed the big 6-0 and had never surfed before, it was a excellent experience. The instructors were always positive and focused on us 100% of the time. We all gained a great respect for the ocean and what it takes to surf the waves. I consider all of the people I spent the week with my friends and look forward to my next surfing instruction. It is a wonderful program I would recommend to anyone who wants to get started surfing the right way.”