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WB Surf Camp Instructor in Training Program

WB Surf Camp’s Senior Camper positions are designed to help our older and more experienced campers develop leadership skills, so as to serve in the role of a future instructor or camp counselor. Senior Campers are under the supervision of all WB Surf Camp staff and will be directly mentored by our team. Each Senior Camper will be expected to participate fully in all programs and uphold exemplary standards of behavior. As a Senior Camper, teenagers should understand their responsibilities and what is expected of them as an aspiring camp instructor/counselor. We give hiring preference to past senior campers and love to give them jobs when they reach our age requirements!


  • Must be 16+ years old
  • Minimum of 1 previous sessions in one of our overnight camps
  • Two letters of recommendation (teacher, coach, etc.)
  • One Senior Camper per session is accepted so apply early

Responsibilities include:

  • Assist instructors with setting up and facilitating camp activities
  • Come to camp prepared to lead new games and activities (i.e. icebreakers, team building games, etc.)
  • Act as a positive role model for fellow campers
  • Help campers get to know each other while building a sense of community
  • Assisting the camp staff with other tasks as required


  • Training geared towards becoming one of WB Surf Camp’s Junior Surf Instructors
  • Leadership opportunities within group of peers
  • Senior Camper will acquire introductory knowledge, skills, and ideas that will help them become a future instructor/camp counselor
  • Senior Camper swag gear: coveted red WB Surf Camp Team t-Shirt, Trucker Hat, red SPF 50 rash guards, stickers, tote bag, and water bottle
  • 10% discount off tuition

To learn more about our Senior Camper Program, please contact email info@wbsurfcamp.com.