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Advanced Surf Lessons

If you are an intermediate to advanced surfer looking to effectively improve your water and competitive skills, WB Surf Camp has the program and coach for you!

Both intermediate and advanced surfers can greatly benefit from coaching! Why do the world’s best athletes, have coaches? Because they know the immediate benefits professional coaching brings.

Seek advice on any part of your surfing from equipment needs to surf fitness, training, nutrition and competitive psychology. Ask as many questions as you like. Go over specific aspects of your surfing, fine tuning both timing and maneuvers. Show us the maneuvers you are having problems with and let us show you where you are going wrong.

Our Advanced Surf Coaching Programs Include

  • Competitive strategies
  • Video analysis and review
  • Sponsorship resume building
  • Trial heats to improve your knowledge and competitive edge
  • Surfing bigger waves with confidence and safety
  • Private and Semi Private coaching available

Each coaching session is tailored to your ability and is guaranteed to improve your confidence and skills.