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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 12.05.2018 | Surf News

World Title to be Settled at PIPE!


It’s called “The Arena” and “The Gladiator Pit.”  It is absolutely the final testing ground for any surfer looking to prove their meddle in the competitive surfing world. Most would say it’s the most famous wave in the world. They call it Banzai Pipeline. The  Pipe Masters at the world famous Pipeline, off the North Shore of O’ahu in Hawaii, is often the final showdown between the top contenders for the World Surf League. This year is no different. After a tough fought season all over the world, three surfers are hovering near the top. Gabriel Medina currently holds the top spot in the WSL with Julian Wilson and Filipe Toledo tied for second.

If Medina takes 1st or 2nd in the famed competition, he will be the world champion, taking home his second title. Toledo and Wilson will only have a shot if Medina finishes 3rd or worse. If Medina finishes 3rd, then Toledo or Wilson will need to take 1st to win the title. If Medina finishes 5th or less, then Toledo or Wilson only need take 1st or 2nd to win the title.

Jamie Sauer Photography

Regardless of who takes the title, the Pipe Masters is always a sight to see. The best surfers in the world coming together to surf one of the best breaks in the world.  Definitely tune in, I know we will be watching. Who are you pulling for?


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