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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.05.2012 | WB Surf Camp News

Winter got you down? Take a surf trip!

Even a mild winter – such as this one – is cold, gray, and uninviting for those who love to surf or enjoy the outdoors. Alternatives such as snowboarding or skiing don’t look too good because the ski slopes aren’t really producing the base layer and powder that they usually do. So what better way to beat the winter blues than to escape to a warm tropical surf destination?

The Pacific has been lighting up all winter with waves from far away storms in the Arctic North Pacific and Antarctic South Pacific. The Atlantic, though slow and cold on our East Coast, has seen plenty of swell in the tropical Caribbean locations. Some of the best waves of the year grace these islands’ beaches and reefs during the winter months.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner surfer, the travel possibilities are endless. We certainly have two of our favorite destinations to offer our beginner surfers in Costa Rica and the British Virgin Islands,  but we’re not limited to just these. Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the rest of the Greater and Lesser Antilles are all within reach. Even Hawaii has a variety of  breaks away from the crowds for all levels of surfer in the winter. The North Shore is definitely a stage for the some of the most spectacular rides of the year, but the other islands in the Hawaiian chain can be equally as good and way less crowded. If that’s still too exotic far away or expensive, southern California has great waves in the winter. You may need a basic wetsuit for the water, but the air is warm and beautiful!

There are many locales to choose from, but if ever you wonder where to go next, keep in mind that we are an endless resource of possibilities and experience. We are always happy to share our love of travel and surfing with others to fuel their stoke until summer once again arrives here to our home breaks. So there’s no need to wait. If winter ever gets you down, take a surf trip!