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Posted by Kasey Schollenberger | 10.24.2023 | Learn To Surf, Surfing Lessons

Why Travel for Waves? The Importance of Variety in Surfing Development.

Kelly Slater, the legendary surfer, emerged from the wave-deprived shores of the US Southeast Coast, where quality surf spots are scarce. Below the North Carolina coastline, opportunities for consistent waves are few and far between. Local surfers in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida often rely on unpredictable tropical storms or hurricanes for a brief surfing window. Even then, unfavorable wind, tides, or geographic obstacles can thwart the surf. How did Slater, hailing from the central Florida coast, rise to prominence in the early ’90s, becoming a household name in surfing?
In simple terms, Slater had to embark on a journey in search of waves to evolve into a surfing icon. His skillset honed in the ever-changing conditions of the East Coast allowed him to adapt to various wave types worldwide.
Like any other sport, the more you practice against different opponents in various locations and conditions, the more versatile your skills become. This is why we emphasize the significance of travel in the development of aspiring surfers striving for excellence in the lineup. Our Overnight Programs offer opportunities to surf in different areas within their base region. At North Carolina Teen Overnight Camp, campers might surf in North Topsail but also explore waves in South Topsail, Surf City, or even Wrightsville Beach. Meanwhile, both our Teen and Adult Programs in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, grant access to multiple surf breaks, including Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta.
Even during weeks when our camp sessions enjoy consistent surf right at their doorstep, participants from around the world choose our programs because they can surf in a new location while receiving top-notch coaching.
If you’re a parent with a young, ambitious surfer looking to advance their skills or a surfer seeking self-improvement, it’s time to book a camp or retreat that takes you to a fresh break. Not only will you gain knowledge and cultural experiences from traveling to new destinations, but you’ll also find yourself becoming a better surfer than ever before, all with a highly trained surf coach by your side!

-Chase O’Briant, Program Coordinator