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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.13.2013 | Costa Rica Surf Camp, Teen Camps

Wheaton Academy Costa Rica 2013 – Surf Science and Service

It began in the cold suburbs of Chicago where WB Surf Camp Directors Jason Andre and Steve Schroeder flew out to. We left just days after New Years for 3 days of in-class tutelage. Upon arriving at Wheaton Academy, we were welcomed by 17 smiling faces. 15 Students, their history teacher Nate, and the newest addition to our instructor team, Bryan Block (who also happens to be a 4 year WB Surf Camper and father of one of the teens on the trip). Bryan and Nate dreamed this trip up last year and thanks to their hard work we pulled it off.

In the class we mixed up Costa Rican Culture & Biology with an Intro to Marine Bio, Wave Dynamics & Water Properties, and Surf Safety. We built a wave tank out of gutters, dissected a squid and spent half a day working their water skills into shape thanks to the Marmian Academy Pool. In between class sessions we stretched, ran around the campus, and got the team participating in some awesome team building exercises.

On day 4 we flew out of the cold snowy O’Hare Airport and landed in the warm dry winds of Liberia Costa Rica. We met our other instructors Chris and Cairo and made it to our awesome hotel,  just in time to unpack and watch the sun set.

Our first session was highlighted with perfect waist to chest high glassy offshore conditions and everyone stood up and rode their first waves. By day two many of them were regularly paddling into and catching their first waves. Day two was also highlighted by our first early morning sea turtle tracks. We identified a nest crawl by a rather large Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.  We didn’t get to see the turtle, because it was back in the ocean by sunrise, but it left its mark and let us know they’re out there.

Today the sunrise was beautiful but most of the team are feeling the affects of two days of non stop surfing. Last night you could see the content stoked glazed look in their eye, and that everyone needed some good rest. After another hardy breakfast we’ll be heading around to snorkel and send the morning exploring the biology beneath the surface and experience the wonder of the underwater kingdom. It’s going to be awesome week of Surf, Science, and Service!