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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.17.2013 | Costa Rica Surf Camp, Teen Camps

Wheaton Academy Has a Blast and Wraps Up Costa

The last few days of this trip have been packed with new experiences and excitement. With two high tides each day, we have surfed double sessions, and found time to do alot more along the way.

While still managing to keep all 20 mouths fed to sustain the massive amount of energy we’ve been burning through our group has had a fun filled schedule. Waking up early to surf at the appropriate tides has allowed us t take advantage of the awesome offshore winds. We even got to go explore a new beach and surf a different style of wave. The water has been warm, clear, and wonderfully full of life. The progression with this group has been mind blowing. Everyone has been catching their own waves, paddling for the bigger sets, getting sort-of barreled (as close as possible), and doing advanced turns off the whitewater. It’s been so much fun to watch all of them!

During our “down time”, we have been exploring some reefs via mask and snorkel, zip lining over and through the canopy of the lush Costa Rican forests, riding in ox carts and milking cows at an authentic Costa Rican farm. We spent time at El Llanito cleaning up and washing their school/community center. We went into the town of Tamarindo one evening to shop the markets and try to hustle some souvenirs. We also ate at one of our favorite burrito shacks for some Monster Burritos! The water has been teaming with fish and birds which has been really fun to watch , but nothing beats the sunrise and sunset sessions we scored our last couple of days. Glassy offshore chest to head high perfection!

Unfortunately, like all good things, it had to come to an end. Today everyone departed, but left stoked out of their mind and frothing to come back to WB Surf Camp Costa Rica. The Wheaton Academy Winterim Warriors were one of the, if not THE, best group of teens we’ve ever had the pleasure to teach. We are super thankful to have had the pleasure to hang out with, get to know, and teach surfing to such a polite, intentional, and amazing group of guys! Special thanks to History teacher Nate and camper dad Bryan for welcoming us to your homes, classrooms, and introducing us to such an excited and ready-to-charge group.

It was a blast and  don’t think any of us will ever forget it!

Check out our Facebook Album by clicking here for all the photos from the trip!