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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 04.27.2017 | Employment, Learn To Surf, Surfing Lessons

What Makes the Best Surf Instructors?

Not all instructors are created equal. We could hand any proficient surfer a surf board and tell them to teach someone to surf. That being said, being proficient at a skill and teaching someone that skill are two totally different subjects. Technically, that would make them instructors and this could possibly work. However, this lesson would be inefficient and may lead to more bad habits than good ones in the participant. This is true with teaching any sport. So, what separates the surfer from a professional instructor?

Professional instructors, i.e. people who teach a skill for a living, all have certain specific skills and traits in common. Just like the proficient surfer, these individuals are knowledgeable and passionate but they have a key factor that the surfer does not: training. This is not training in how to surf but rather in how to teach it. These instructors can sufficiently train most participants. But we do not want ‘sufficient’. We strive for excellence

So,what makes the best instructors? The best instructors are an amalgamation of time tested training, passion, skill, personality, and professionalism.

About Our Surf Instructors

WB Surf Camp fields some of the best instructors in the industry because of our dedication to excellence. We have been training surf instructors for the last 16 years. We evaluate and reevaluate every season to make last year’s ceiling this year’s floor. We spend months finding the perfect candidates who have the skills, the experience, the passion, and even the right personality to train into industry leading WB Surf Camp Surf Instructors.

After working to build the right team with the right people, we put them through our tried and tested training program. Here, they learn how to simplifying surfing with our progressive methodology to a form that is easy to understand for the absolute beginner. We spend days upon days every season pouring into our staff so that, in the water, they are prepared to handle every situation and every skill level without question.

We take pride in our team because that red instructor rashguard and title it implies is earned through practice, repetition, and evaluation. When we send an individual to the beach in that rashguard we know that instructor is one of the best. If you want assurance that your experience will be one of the best in the industry, look to WB Surf Camp.