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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 03.28.2024 | Teen Camps, Uncategorized

What is the Right Camp for My Camper

This is a question that we get on almost a daily basis, and it is a great question to ask!  We want all our participants to enjoy their time at camp, and part of that comes from making sure they are a good fit for the program.  Our website can sometimes be overwhelming due to the number of camp options available, especially if you have a 10 or 11 year old, as they fit the criteria for several of our camps.  We’re hoping the following can help make your choice for this summer easier!

First off, all of our surfing camps are perfect for beginner or first-time surfers.  We specialize in helping participants of all ages catch their first waves and give them the knowledge to continue their surfing journey beyond the time they spend at camp.  The only criteria outside of age requirements is that all campers should have the ability to swim.

Our youngest camp – Guppy Camp – is the perfect introduction to ocean safety and adventure!

Younger campers who are just looking for surf instruction should check out our Day Camp programs, which offer 5 days of group surf lessons for two age groups – 7 to 10 year olds and 10+.  Alternatively, they may be interested in our Guppy or Grom camps, which focus more on ocean safety and building confidence in the water.  All of these are great Day Camp options, and if a younger camper is ready for their first overnight camp experience, then Carolina Ocean Odyssey is an amazing opportunity for them to not only gain confidence in the ocean and get a couple of surf lessons, but also to be introduced to the world of marine biology and oceanography!

Teen campers have a few different options as well.  Given the age requirement for the older Day Surf Camp age group (10+), teens who are only interested in getting surf instruction but not in staying at an overnight camp will enjoy this program.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to have entire families in this camp! The two most popular camps among teens, however, are the WB Teen Overnight Surf Camp and the Teen Costa Rica Surf & Adventure Camp.  The WB Teen Overnight Surf Camp takes place in North Carolina and is a great option for younger teens or those who have not spent a lot of time away from home without their family.  The Teen Costa Rica Surf & Adventure Camp is a better option for older teens who have experience being away from home, and ideally have travelled abroad previously either with family or alone.

At the Teen Overnight Camp your camper will do more than just surf, but form lifelong friendships with their fellow teen campers!

We even have camps for adult participants!  We hold adult surf retreats in Costa Rica, Tortola, and Peru, all of which are full of good waves, good vibes, and new friends.

As you weigh your camper’s options for this summer, feel free to refer to this post, or give us a call at our headquarters today!  We’re confident we have the right ocean-based camp for you and your family.