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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.28.2009 | Teen Camps

What Is A Pod?

I still am wearing the hemp ankle bracelet that one of my pods made for me last summer! A small hemp piece of jewelry that floods me with memories every time I look down or tie my shoe. “What is a pod?” you may ask. Well, a pod is the 3:1 ratio that Surf Camp has for all of its camps! On the first day of camp, the campers are broken down into groups of three, and one instructor works with each pod for the week. This ensures that each camper gets personalized surfing instruction. Also, the instructor gets the incredible job of coaching and watching each camper’s ability transform throughout the week!



One of my absolute favorite parts of my job at Surf Camp is meeting my pods! Each week in the summer, I get to meet a different group of three surfers who are stoked to learn my favorite sport in the whole world! I get incredibly close with each of my pods, and we spend a week getting to know each other. What’s better than learning about someone while catching wave after wave and being in the ocean? Your pod-members become a small family, and cheer each other on no matter what! I also like to have my pods name themselves. This promotes teambuilding, and also helps me remember who was in my pods months later. The Hammerheads were my first pod, and I’ve coached The Sharks, Charlie’s Angels, Kelly Slaters, etc. You can get really creative with your pod name, as you can see! Although, I must say, yelling “Go Sharks!” one morning on the beach had a lot of bystanders looking curiously at me and my pod! Of course, all of our Surf Campers know that sharks are nothing to be afraid of at our camps!

Watching my pods transform into talented surfers throughout the week is an indescribable experience. I am with them when they catch their first wave, and the feeling is electrifying for all of us. The smile on someone’s face and excitement they feel after they catch their first wave is amazing. If you haven’t experienced this, you’re truly missing out and you should sign up for one of our camps and get in the water with us! J Our pods then continue to practice pop-ups and work on basic surfing skills together. As the week progresses, the campers learn even more advanced techniques. I have seen people who were afraid of the ocean on the first day of camp turn into fearless and talented surfers by the last day. I have also had the joy of seeing shy and unmotivated individuals embrace this “sport of kings” and come completely out of their shell. Surfing is truly a magical experience!



Lastly, if you are wondering which of my pods made me my ankle bracelet, it was my Charlie’s Angels pod. A talented group of teenage girls who had a blast at one of our Wrightsville Beach Teen Overnight Camps, and shared with all of Surf Camp the art of hemp jewelry making! Each pod is special at Surf Camp, and all of the instructors love getting to know their campers. So, sign up for one of our camps and come be part of a pod, and experience the greatest sport in the entire world! J