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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 11.07.2023 | Employment

What Do We Do After Summer?

Any time I tell someone that I work for a Surf Company called WB Surf Camp, the question I get asked more than any other is, “so what do you do for work in the off-season?”  Most people, especially those who grew up in a place where there is a lot of seasonal tourism, are familiar with the nature of seasonal work and that a lot of people who work in the tourism industry bounce between two or three gigs depending on the time of year.  For people who love to travel, or don’t like staying in one place for too long, it’s a great lifestyle to have if you can budget effectively and are able to find places and jobs that are a good fit.  What many don’t realize is that for companies like WB Surf Camp and Sea Turtle Camp, which provide the highest quality summer camps available in the specialty niches of surfing and marine science, there is a lot to accomplish over the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons to reproduce, or surpass, the same level of quality next summer.

Every year our admin team works through the winter and spring to raise the bar for our safety training.

When I’m asked, “What do you do in the off-season?” I get to share a little bit of that behind-the-scenes knowledge.  Within our companies (WB Surf Camp and Sea Turtle Camp) there is a small group of full-time staff that handle the planning and coordination of all the programs that take place in the summer season. After the last week of summer camp, we first take a quick breather after the busiest time of our year, and then we dive right into the preparations necessary for the following summer.  We’re all very fortunate to have positions where we work year-round in a field that we are passionate about!  Right now, at the start of November, we are beginning to interview and hire next year’s staff, planning our summer camp itineraries, and even promoting our pre-summer camps like Sea Turtle Camp Spring break and WB Surf Camp’s Teen Costa Rica Winter Break.  WB Surf Camp also holds Adult Surf Retreats during the “off-season” keeping this travel coordinator hard at work every month of the year.

Some of our staff members don’t have an off-season, and are spreading the stoke all year long!

To put it shortly, there are a few of us in our company headquarters that do not have a true off-season, because we use the time between summer seasons to make the necessary preparations to improve the camps that we run year after year!  As we get closer to the Holidays, consider giving the gift of Surf Lessons, Summer Camp, or even a board or bike rental from WB Surf Camp and/or Sea Turtle Camp. It also isn’t a bad idea to start applying for Summer 2024 positions with us if you plan to find a summer job. If you have any questions about these gift ideas, job openings, or anything else that we have going on, give us a call! We will be here to chat all year long, rest assured, and we can’t wait to hear from you.