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Posted by Deaton Wright | 01.30.2013 | Costa Rica Surf Camp

Week Two Adult Costa Rica Adventure Kicks Off!!

The moment you set foot on Costa Rican soil all stress melts away and time magically slows down. Feeling the warmth of this country and its people instantly brings a smile to your face, as you slip into “Tico time.” Week two of WB Surf Camp’s Adult Costa Rican adventure is underway and great experiences are flowing strong. Each year produces a different dynamic as we reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and live every day to the fullest. The swell has been pulsing consistently since our arrival and we’re making the most of each session. Both beginner and veteran surfers are setting goals and taking small steps towards them as each day passes. With the help of our local photographers Rafa and Monica, we’ve been able to capture each wave ridden and coach accordingly throughout the week.

We start each day with a gourmet breakfast including, omelets, plantains, rice & beans, and a wide variety of fresh local fruits. The sound of howler monkeys and birds ensure that you won’t sleep past 7am. One day in Costa Rica feels like two days in normal life, as we rise and fall by the sun. Constantly surrounded by positive people, your spirit is lifted and you can’t help but smile throughout each daily experience. Today we took a trip to a near by farm where we explored via ox cart, milked cows, held pigs, and rode horses. Seeing the process of maintaining a self-sufficient lifestyle was enlightening and inspiring. The tides have shifted in our favor throughout the week allowing us to experience double surf sessions. Seeing the sun rise and set while floating on our boards in the peaceful ocean cannot be described through words. We look at each other and can’t help but grin as a plethora of marine life, mountains on the horizon, and the spectrum of colors in the sky surround us. It’s safe to say our group is getting a fresh taste of what it really means to live “Pura Vida.” We’re looking forward to seeing more progression throughout the week as surfing skills and friendships strengthen. Stay tuned for more on our Costa Rica adventure!