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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.31.2012 | Adult Surf Camps

WB Surf Camp’s Week 2 Caribbean Surf Adventure Comes To A Close

It’s hard to believe that week 2 of our Caribbean surfing adventure has come to an end. Without a doubt, it’s been an amazing week that each participant will never forget! We were fortunate to score a variety of conditions during our second week with waves building in size each day, providing a fun challenge for all.  As clean ground swell filled in Pelican Bay, we traded off waves until our arms turned to jelly while hooting each other on.  After each day of surfing the picturesque bay, we enjoyed fruit smoothies and watched video footage of our waves from the day. Using the tool of video analysis makes a massive positive difference to your surfing skills learning curve. Video analysis can be a lot of fun, even shocking sometimes, while motivating and illuminating too. We shared smiles and laughs as we reminisced our waves from the day, while soaking up tips to apply to our next surf session.

Laurie, Shawn, Megan, and Caitie where each catching waves from the outer sandbar all the way to the beach by the third day of our trip!  It was great seeing their progression and confidence build throughout each session as they improved their skills. Eileen’s surfing looked better than ever for the second week in a row! Catching lefts, rights, and walking up and down the board, she looked extremely comfortable out in the waves. Towards the end of the week we traded off catching waves on “the board of truth”, which is our surfboard with a GoPro mounted on the front, providing an up close and personal view of each ride. It was encouraging  to see how much each person’s technique had improved in a matter of only a few days. Taking a break from the surf, we hiked up a mountain trail to the highest point on the island. While trekking through the mahogany forest, we enjoyed breathtaking views of the Caribbean with neighboring islands in the distance.



The bittersweet departure day always sneaks up faster then expected. As we said our goodbyes and talked about the next surf adventure we would reunite on, each of us went our separate ways. Once again it’s been an amazing WB Surf Camp adventure!