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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.16.2011 | Adult Surf Camps

WB Surf Camp's Ultimate Carribean Adventure Kicks Off!


It’s been a magical start to WB Surf Camp’s Adult Caribbean adventure as each day our group gets a fresh taste of what it’s like being immersed in surfing paradise. Translucent water, uncrowded perfect waves, and friendly people create the ideal mixture as each of us enjoys settling into island time. The vibe that this place sends out is unlike any I’ve experienced in other areas I have traveled. Each day we surf and relax at the picturesque bay surrounded by mountains and palm trees.

With minimum tidal change, conditions allow us to surf all day long, until our arms turn to rubber. Once reaching this point we kick back on the beach and recharge with an ice cold drink and a meal from 70 year old local legend. Naomi started her oceanfront restaurant decades ago and is still going strong, preparing authentic Caribbean cuisine. After refueling with delicious food, it’s back to the water for more waves or nap time in the shade depending on each person’s preference. There are few places in the world where you can sit all day long and be completely satisfied with every element that surrounds you.

Surfing skills are rapidly improving and each person’s wave count is bumping up each day. Most days we have the entire line up to ourselves with no crowds, and sometimes not even another single surfer. This makes for a relaxed, stress-free environment and allows each individual to focus on attaining their own personal surfing goals. With the help of our GoPro HD video cameras, we’ve been able to capture some amazing footage in the water of everyone surfing. The up-close and personal footage allows for great coaching opportunities and provides a chance to review the waves of the day.

So many waves are ridden each day  leaving everyone satisfied and exhausted by the end of our sunset session. As the sun slowly fades behind the mountain each evening, the clouds in the sky burst into an fiery orange hue reflecting off the azure water of the bay. It’s at this moment that we take a deep breath and soak up the beauty which we’re immersed in. The evenings are spent sipping on tropical drinks and refueling with delicious island cuisine. It’s not long before our tired bodies fall out in order to recharge for the next day. We are incredibly fortunate to surf all day, everyday, in this surreal environment. Stay tuned for more of WB Surf Camp’s Caribbean adventure!