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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.25.2012 | Adult Surf Camps

WB Surf Camp’s Caribbean Surf Adventure Week Two: Fire Away!

After an amazing first week of Caribbean surfing with familiar faces and new friends, we are lucky enough to start up another week of incredible experiences! Week 2 is kicking off with an especially high stoke level, with mostly beginners and first time surfers. From the moment many people ride their first wave, a vibrant smile takes over their face, confirming they are hooked for life. After our first full day of surfing, these are the kinds of smiles that were lighting up around the dinner table, as we delighted in a full spread of delicious Caribbean cuisine on our own private island.

Upon arrival in the Caribbean, your senses will be flooded with natural beauty and positive energy. From translucent waters, to breathtaking mountain top views, each moment you find yourself gazing around in awe. Our first surf session was a major success with progression seen by everyone! Each day we start by individually discussing our daily surfing goals and how we plan on reaching them. Through the help of video analysis, we are able to break down each wave ridden at the end of the day and point out specifics of each person’s technique. This is a highly effective tool that allows instructors to coach and critique each slight movement in slow motion. From best waves of the day, to best wipeouts, our group enjoys reliving each surf session in paradise while taking away skills to apply towards the next session.

With waves forecasted to improve over the next few days, everyone is stoked to continue their progression throughout the remainder of our epic Caribbean adventure. Stay tuned to the WB Surf Camp daily Caribbean surf report for updates on conditions and daily photos.