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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.04.2011 | WB Surf Camp News

WB Surf Camp Offers Donation-Based Yoga Classes

As New Year’s resolutions await fulfillment and the ocean’s temperature remains uninviting, WB Surf Camp offers a solution – yoga. In a previous blog entry we highlighted the benefits of yoga and how it is relevant to surfers. We stand behind this statement and to support it, we will begin offering yoga classes in our studio at the Ogden Surf Camp office.

Yoga and surfing are a natural complement as they both promote health, strength, and flexibility while seeking enlightenment. Whether you are looking to improve your surf skills in the off season or are just curious about the practice of yoga, there are classes for you. Instruction will vary from beginner level and progress through more advanced poses with our certified yoga instructors.

Classes will begin January 10th, from 5:45 – 6:45 pm, and be held every Monday (beginner class) and Tuesday (all levels) in the WB Surf Camp studio located at 7213 Ogden Business Lane, Suite 214  Wilmington, NC 28411 (beside the Icehouse Skating Rink.) The space is warm, open, and perfect for yoga. Classes are open to the public and payment is donation-based.

WB Surf Camp Yoga instructors are RYT certified and have extensive teaching experience. “The peaceful place that surfers find out on the water can be found in yoga – it is the same peace,” says instructor, Katie Serino. She further highlights the benefits, stating, “Yoga is relevant to surfers because it improves lung capacity, allows you to stay out in the water longer, requires a balance of strength and flexibility, and counterbalances the muscles in the shoulders and back that get stiff with surfing.”

Whether you are interested in learning the art of yoga, improving existing skills, or looking for a way to stay in shape until warm weather returns, WB Surf Camp’s yoga classes fulfill your needs. We will gain a better understanding of ourselves as instructors lead us through the poses, helping us work on balance, breath, endurance, patience, stress reduction, and finding stillness.

If you have any questions, please contact WB Surf Camp at 910-256-7873. Pre-registration is not required but is highly recommended.