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Posted by Rick Civelli | 04.02.2014 | Employment

Surf Camp is Hiring!

WB Surf Camp is stoked beyond words for our upcoming 2014 surf camps and summer programs. We are anticipating this season and are thrilled to be back in the water changing the lives of others through the sport of surfing!

With our summer drawing near, we are seeking accomplished individuals to fill the positions available on our team. At WB Surf Camp, our diverse team consists of surf instructors, camp counselors, and an amazing office staff who bring with them unique experiences, knowledge, and skills sets. We are so fortunate to have had such a concrete staff in our 13 year history. We enter every year with the motto of “last year’s ceiling is this year’s floor” and are ready to prove that to ourselves once again.


Employment with WB Surf Camp is highly sought after, very competitive, and we hire not only based on experience and skills set, but with the intentions of creating a solid team. We go through hundreds of applications each year to ensure we hire the best of the best. We are looking for people who are passionate about changing in the lives of others, have solid moral character, that are responsible, and a true team player. Below are available positions:

Overnight Camp Jobs

Day Camp Jobs

Please visit our Employment Page to further review our various job openings. Our team goes through over 2,200 hours of extensive training every year to prepare for the summer. Facilitating our programs requires committed, high caliber people to share their love of surfing!

If you, or anyone you may know, is interested in applying for a position with WB Surf Camp, please send cover letter and resume to info@wbsurfcamp.com  with the subject: Employment.