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Posted by Rick Civelli | 11.02.2010 | Employment, WB Surf Camp News

WB Surf Camp Instructor of the Week for October 31st: Marissa Walch

Marissa first came to WB Surf Camp in the Fall of 2008 as a marketing intern. Marissa was drawn to our company because of her love for surfing and the environment, and we were drawn to her because of her amazingly upbeat personality and positive attitude. We were a great match! In the summer of 2010, Marissa returned as an instructor in our Teen Wrightsville Beach Overnight Camps, a highly sought after position that she was a natural for. Her neverending smile and “love of life” mindset created  a solid place for her on our team. Marissa has many interests, one of them being the Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit she feels extremely passionate about and has been a key player in for many years. After graduating in May 2010 with a Parks and Rec degree, she is presently wearing many hats as she balances a job at O2 Fitness, teaches fitness classes at the YMCA, and completes a work/study internship at the Wilmington Yoga Center that will enable her to get her yoga certification in the spring. Continue reading to learn more about Marissa!

1. What drew you to a position at WB Surf Camp? I love to be outside and in the ocean enjoying our beautiful beach here at WB so it was an easy to decision to make when I decided how I wanted to spend my summer. Also, surfing is a passion and it’s always great to help someone else feel the connection with the ocean like I do.

2. Who is your favorite surfer and why? My favorite surfer is Clay Marzo. He has an incredible talent in the water and his ability to use his disease to his advantage while he is surfing is awesome to see.

3. When did you start surfing and where? I started surfing right before I came to college at UNCW down at Oak Island. From there I have been surfing here at WB and then last summer I lived in California so I was able to experience the west coast and southern California waves.

4. What is your favorite surf break? I loved surfing at San-O in California, but here at WB around access 30 is the spot.

5. What inspired you to start surfing? I was born in California, but moved to NC right away and so I became a lake girl. I always wanted to try surfing when I was younger, but after a few years had passed and I was an all around athlete I realized something was missing so I pushed and pushed and finally got my first surf lesson right before college as a treat for going to UNCW.

6. Where was your most memorable session? Surfing after work last summer with the Surfrider Foundation crew at San-O State Beach. We had a group of us out there on long boards and were just taking long rides in one after the other. The sun was setting right on us and it was a beautiful and amazing time out in the water.

7. What is the worst wipeout you’ve ever had? I sliced my ear open two summers ago here at WB. I was surfing with my roommate and we were trading off taking waves. It got pretty choppy and windy out, but we stayed out to end our session and then the wind caught her board and her fin sliced my ear open and knocked me in the back of the head. I had to get 8 stitches and lots of numbing shots. After all that pain I had to wear a pressure wrap around my head for 3 days so I looked pretty funny and smelled since I couldn’t shower either…haha

8. What are some of your interests outside of surfing? Outside of surfing I love running, yoga, tennis and teaching group exercise classes. I also love to take pictures and just enjoy time with my friends hanging out or of course enjoying a nice smoothie.

9. What is your favorite movie? ?????

10. What is your favorite music? Trevor Hall…look him up, so good.

11. What is your favorite food? Love love FRUIT!! All kinds!

12. Where do you see yourself in five years? Well hopefully still living at the beach and loving life with all my friends and family

13. In your eyes, the three things you value most are: Relationships, honesty and devotion to what you love and do!