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Posted by Rick Civelli | 10.18.2011 | Employment, WB Surf Camp News

WB Surf Camp Instructor of the Week for 10/17/2011: Kevin Nestvogel

I could tell from his first interview that Kevin was a focused individual. Every mission he was given this summer, from the most menial/important job of preparing the transports to patrolling the beach as our shorebreak safety,  he tackled with serious consideration and detailed precision. We never worried about a job getting done when we put it in his hands.  Even now that he is back in school at UNCW, he’s always stoked to pick up a weekend lesson or pop in and help out around the office. We are super lucky to have someone of Kevin’s caliber on our team. He’s always stoked to learn, asks great questions, and has a great future ahead of him…but hopefully not before a couple more seasons with WB Surf Camp!

1. What drew you to a position at WB Surf Camp? Being a surf instructor at WB Surf Camp looked like the coolest job ever! Being able to spend all day at the beach with some of the coolest and funniest people around. Sharing the stoke!

2. Who is your favorite surfer and why? Clay Marzo because he rips! He is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and is a traveling professional surfer. It is very inspirational to see how he can overcome a genetic disorder and do something he loves for a living. His layback throwtail is the sickest thing around!

3. When did you start surfing and where? I think I started surfing about 5 years ago in Avon, North Carolina…the OBX. I used to only surf on vacations, but have really progressed in the last few months because I have been able to surf everyday.

4. What is your favorite surf break? Avon, OBX. Great Waves, No Crowd, and Great Memories.

5. What inspired you to start surfing? Seeing other people get the stoke, looked like fun!

6. Where was your most memorable session? South End, this entire summer. Good sessions with fun people.

7. What is the worst wipeout you’ve ever had? A few weeks ago, started to drop in, back foot slipped off the back. Front foot is still on the board. The nose hits the sand with me still on it and shoves the tail of the board in places where the board is not supposed to go. This has happened twice this summer. No fun.

8. What are some of your interests outside of surfing? Skimboarding, anything in the water, Filming, Photography, chillin with friends, and laughing.

9. What is your favorite movie? Oceans’ 11

10. What is your favorite music? Coldplay, Two Door Cinema Club, Jack Johnson

11. What is your favorite food? Home cooked Potted Chicken, Turkey & Cheese Sandwich, PB & J, and cherry pop tarts.

12. Where do you see yourself in five years? Somewhere near a beach with waves. Hopefully tropical, but I will most likely be working a fun job in Wrightsville Beach.

13. In your eyes, the three things you value most are: Respect, Trust, and Honesty