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Posted by Rick Civelli | 12.01.2011 | Surfer of the Week

WB Surf Camp Featured Surfer of the Week 11/28/11: Javier Lopez

Javi (Ha-vee), as we knew him was one of those ideal campers during our Teen Outer Banks Surf Camp this summer. He was super polite, helpful, and had a great mellow friendly personality, but once he got in the water he was an animal! As the waves improved throughout the week, so did his surfing abilities. In one week we watched him reveal his potential into a full on charging machine. With a couple surprise days of killer swell, Javi turned on the performance and style levels to the max and slid into some amazing waves. Hungry for some barrels, he would put himself in just the right spot over and over again inspiring and pushing the others. We can’t wait to see where this love of the ocean and surfing goes in such a bright young man. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to surf with him again next season!

1. What drew you to WB Surf Camp? The desire to surf with others. Paddling out alone isn’t as fun as getting to surf with others.

2. What inspired you to start surfing? I have always loved the ocean and I wanted to understand it more by being part of it.

3. Which instructor had the biggest impact on you? My favorite instructor had to be Mike. He was always really enthusiastic in the morning, and even after having an injury in the water ,he kept a good attitude and always had a smile on his face. He really knew what to say when teaching me, because it was showing in how I surfed.

4. Who is your favorite surfer and why? Laird Hamilton. After seeing his famous “Oh My God” wave, he inspired me forever and kept my surfing desire alive.

5. When did you start surfing and where? I started surfing in Bethany Beach, Delaware in 2007.

6. What is your favorite surf break? After going to camp and having a blast, it has to be Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

7. Where was your most memorable session? Cape Hatteras Lighthouse last summer with WB SUrf Camp. That’s where I paddled into my biggest waves and had a blast watching my new friends conquer their fears.

8. What are some of your interests outside of surfing? Hiking, playing hockey, and soccer. Just relaxing is fine with me too.

9. What is your favorite movie? My Cousin Vinny.

10. What type of music do you listen to? Anything mellow and relaxed. Some rap and rock too.

11. What is your favorite food? Buffalo Chicken Wings.

12. What is the best thing you liked about WB Surf Camp? The people I had the chance to surf with and the really cool counselors.

13.Which Surf Camp destination do you plan on travelling to next year? I’m planning on going to Outer Banks again. I had so much fun there, and I really love how close it is to where I live. Its extremely beautiful there, and the waves are pretty sweet too. Also learning about and getting to be with wildlife in the area is something I don’t get to do a lot where I live, which is what makes OBX so unique.

14. The three things you value most are: My family and friends. Having a warm place to sleep every night. My iPod.