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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.01.2012 | Adult Surf Camps

WB Surf Camp Costa Rica- Pura Vida Files vol 2

Week 1 has come to an end and with an amazing time had by everyone. Goals were met and fears were conquered, as the beginners found a new sense of achievement in their surfing skills and we flew through the warm dry Costa Rican air on our zip line tour.

For someone who loves the feeling of flying and being in the outdoors, a canopy tour is a refreshing and relaxing way to enjoy your surroundings. It makes it difficult to understand the paralyzing fear of heights that many others deal with. The gripping look in someones eyes when they step up to the edge for their frist zip, the heart pumping exhilaration and rush of ” Oh my God! Did I really just do that!?” afterwards and by the end of the tour they’re laughing, wild with joy thankfulness for having experienced it. Not only do you see the beautiful Guancaste country side from the air, but the ocean out to the west glitters with the western setting sun, the hard offshore winds rush through inbetween the mountains and through your hair. That which isn’t covered by the helmet anyways. All species of birds fly by, howler monkeys always accompany you somewhere along the way, and then theres the infrequent lizard or iguana lazily sunning himself in the amazingly formed Matapalo trees.

The swell picked up for us on the last couple of days as we all spent as much time in the water as our bodies would allow. After it all, we gave one last “SALUD!” as we watched the sun set yet again in a blazing furious red and orange display over the Pacific. Like the conclusion to a good book, after all of the adventures, everyone departed, and another chapter was over. Airport dropoffs are always funny, because you can see in everyone’s eyes that they are toying with the notion to stay. But we all eventually come back to reality from the Costa Rican alter reality…at least a part of us does.