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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.23.2012 | Adult Surf Camps

WB Surf Camp Caribbean Week 1 Wrap up

We scored an unbelievable week of consistent chest high and bigger surf here in Pelican Bay for our first session here in the Caribbean. Everyone’s progression levels went through the roof. With at least 2 photo/video sessions from land and more from our array of GoPro cameras per day, we gave feedback each night with everyone learning and picking up a little something from everyone else.

After long days in the turquoise green clear water, an ice cold drink amongst friends and fellow surfers in the evenings was followed by cheers as each good ride was documented and then analyzed. We saw more progression from our return campers than ever before and our newcomers took their surfing to the next level each day while being coached in and out of the water.

Chuck and Eileen were surfing faster than we’ve ever seen them, juicing every wave to the beach. Bryan and Ryan began hooking into big bottom turns and following them up with big smooth top turns. A little wobbly at first, our first time surfer Jaime rode some amazing waves after switching up his stance and locking in his abilities. Shelley saw huge improvements this week with a couple of the biggest sets providing the challenge she was looking for to begin turning her board and working on her acceleration. Jeff, meanwhile, delicately danced across the deck of his longboard refining his cross stepping and nose riding maneuvers.

Departure day is always a bitter sweet moment when we wave goodbye to our friends with whom we’ve shared an amazing time in paradise with and shared our connection with the ocean. After so many consecutive days of surfing though, everyone is spent and stoked. Just a glazed smile telling the tale of having had an awesome time at our Caribbean Surf Camp!