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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.18.2012 | Adult Surf Camps

WB Surf Camp BVI Week 1: Beginnings

Another beautiful week in the most beautiful place in the world. With the arrival of our first crew we have a lot of familiar faces smiling ear to ear. A few new recruits have also joined us for our week in paradise here in the BVI and after just one day in the water they are frothing! From Day 1 everyone that has returned, has done so just as if they had hopped back on a bike. For our newcomers and first time beginners it has been an extremely successful time so far. First days goals were met head on and advancement has begun.

Between Directors Steve and Jason and our Founding Director Rick, everyone has been receiving triagulated coaching and instruction in and out of the water. From the lineup to the beach and from behind the video cameras, every angle is being covered. With HD video from land as well as photos for analysis in the evenings and in-water coaching on the smaller waves everyone has been super excited to see and feel their surfing improving in a very short amount of time. Bryan, Eileen, Chuck and Jeff have been really killing it on their drive and momentum pushing into the realm of turning and working their rails on the waves. Shelly, Jaime, and Ryan in our beginner to intermediate group have shown marked improvement in a short matter of time. Body positioning and sightlines while riding the waves are coming into the conscious thought as they are no longer worried about nose diving and are instead focusing on direction and turning.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds in store for everyone. The stoke factor is high and the conditions are supposed to improve.Keep your eyes on the WB Surf Camp Caribbean Surf Report each day for the highlight photo and current conditions down here in the British Virgin Islands!