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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.28.2008 | Adult Surf Camps

Tour Tourtola

The title is not a missspelling but an inside joke for you, Bill:)

Some of the best compliments I recieve from returning clents are about how we seem to attract great people to our programs.  This is the truth- it seems like every adult surf camp I facilitate just gets better.  Now as hard as it would be to top our 2008 Costa Rica Surf Camp, I have to say that this session was right on par and even more magical in it’s own right.  The best part of my job is simple.  It is the fact that I get to know some of the best people I could ever meet.  This trip had Eddie, Debbie and Eileen who now mean way more to me then just Surf Clients, the lawyer crew from PA which could not have been any cooler, and Joe and Marcia from OH who were just a pleasure to have around.  Joe was simply determined to get his young frame up on a board, and boy did he succeed.  How often in life can you try something as hard as learning how to surf and then get your first sucessful stand up ride captured on both video and a high meg digital picture?  We all know surfing is very physical but it was about impossible to keep Joe out of the water. By facilitating these camps, it is easy to see why our clients are so successful in their own worlds, and what shear determination will do for someone who really wants to achieve a goal.

So the bros from PA……what can I say.   Put it this way, after breakfast on a couple of days, they would do an open ocean swim to our surf break, an easy 1/2 mile swim.  It tured out they were both fantastic surfers growing up and they picked up right where they left off. So many more stories to tell, but there is no need to tell them:)  All I can say is that I hope to surf with them again.  Bob S, had the quickest pop up I had ever seen.  He was so quick to his feet that he was dropping in on his own waves by the second day. Paul, “did you see the size of his arms” was just a go with the flow camper with natural athletic ability that made Dougs job super easy.  With his natural ability and level of determination, I really hope that he finds the time to continue progressing his surfing skills.

My favorite part of every day was the late afternoon. We would surf this bay everyday called Tortuga Cove and I must say that it is a magical place.  So magical, in fact, that I simply would not want to leave.  As the sun sank lower in the sky, the crowds dissapated and the frost would melt from my glass bottle of my coolade, and I would feel a unique calm just overtake me.  I am the first to admit it, when I am at home I run full throttle and take on way more then I should.  After a day of surfing Tortuga Cove, I actully feel the stress melt away and a certain peace overtake me that I normally do not feel in my everyday life. The cheeseburger and rice and beans that I usually ate for lunch everyday I’m sure also helped.

My only bummer was that we did not visit Anagada.  It would have been great to show everyone such a magical place! So anyway…… I will not recount all the incredible times and laughs we had,  but just let you know that every time I leave the Caribbean I simply count the days untill I can return to this magical part of the world.

– Rick