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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.24.2008 | Adult Surf Camps

Tortola BVI – Counting The Days!

It’s saturday night and Jen and I just got back from our Friends Ed and Brenda’s house.  Ed works for CAMA and every year they get the CAMA and DMF crew as well as some other great people together for an oyster roast.  I missed last years because of our Tortola trip so we were stoked to be able to go this year.  If you like to eat oysters there is no better place in the world to eat them!

We only have 4 days untill we leave for Tortola and I am counting the days.  Although I worked all day today and will have to put in some crazy hours untill I leave for several weeks it will all be worth it.  I talked to my friend Owen in Tortola on Friday and got the update on how the waves have been.  I surfed in Wrightsville Beach on Friday and had a great session, believe it or not the water felt great (except for the two dozen straight waves I had to duck dive on one occasion)  good thing I was wearing a hood.  For Christmas I got a new Rip Curl E-bomb and I must say it is fantastic and makes winter surfing so much fun.

Every year I look forward to heading back to see my Caribbean friends.  I have not had a great plate of rice and beans since last year so I will be sure to get my fill.  I am super stoked that Eddie, Debbie and Eileen are coming again this year.  For sure they get the hard charger award as they just went to Costa Rica with us last month.

I must say the thing I am most looking forward to is having my family with me for the first week.  How stoked am I to be doing a surf camp for my family!! My parents  came to camp with Ben Bourgeios mom in 2002 so they are really excited for a tropical Surf Camp experience.  I am also really looking forward to getting my sister and her family in the water and have Jen do some relaxing.  I feel very lucky to be getting our son Vincent’s passport stamped at 1.5 years old!  I so look forward to just spending some time with him building some sand castles and splashing around in the warm water.

– Rick