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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.27.2011 | Adult Surf Camps

The nights are hot, but the days are hotter…

It’s amazing how long the days are but how fast the weeks go by when you’re down here. It feels like you live 3 full days. Mornings have started early with a solid surf session. The midday sun slowly roasts the dry caked earth while most take refuge in the shade of the palms. You drift into an “almost” sleep while swinging lazily in a hammock, on an outdoor massage table, or in the comfort and A/C of your room. After a relaxing second awakening, some of us receive our second wind and go for a run, while others sip a cerveza or happy hour cocktail. Evenings are spent waiting for the wind to go back offshore, the tide to push the swell in, and the sun to set. An evening session usually ensues by those with enough energy before the sun lays down. Then it’s a surprise each night as Rick handpicks our next dining destination.

Even with the cool evening tradewinds, it can still feel hot at night. But in January, one layer to stay warm is well received over however many layers our friends back home are wearing tonight. The sun is setting in its usual spectacular way again, so “to the beach” with all of the other beachgoers to enjoy another evening miracle. Pura Vida!

PS: Did I mention we saw fire dancing jugglers last night?…hot!