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Posted by Rick Civelli | 03.05.2012 | WB Surf Camp News

The Creative Essence of Surfing

Whether you’re getting barreled in heavy conditions or paddling for your first wave in small gentle surf, the feeling of riding a wave opens up a creative chamber that keeps you coming back for more. Each moment immersed in the spontaneous medium we call the ocean builds a thriving relationship that goes unmatched. The forces of nature facilitate swells that travel vast distances, eventually breaking, providing surfers with a brief walk on water. Each wave has a unique shape and personality that the surfer must anticipate and respond to accordingly. You can read all the books, watch all the films, and purchase the latest cutting edge gear. It’s a good place to start but until you put in the water time, your capabilities will lack.

Logging water time is the most pure and direct source of learning how to read waves and understand the dynamics of the ocean. Tuning your body and mind to perform in the pulsing dynamic environment takes repetition and observation.  Water time cannot be purchased or taught. An eye for anticipation is what water time develops; you notice shapes and curves that seemed absent before. You start forming mental pictures of how waves will break before they actually do and position accordingly.

Timing, positioning, strength and balance merge together and create blissful moments that cannot be described fully through words. Each wave resembles an untouched canvas waiting to be painted. There are no guidelines or regulations in regard to how a wave is approached; it’s solely up to the surfer’s avenue and style. Surfers engage their artistic abilities while channeling focus and maintaining composure in powerful dynamic environments. From ragdoll wipeouts to barrels of euphoria, surfing is therapeutic and inspiring.

An intimate connection with the ocean through surfing can spark quality episodes of creativity throughout multiple areas of life. These episodes create a web over time, influencing lifestyles and paving paths, while providing direction. Surfing inspires, while channeling and developing passions that lead to artistic outlets. Surfing, music , art and creativity are all linked through a universal language of inspiration, a language that will continue to evolve over time.

When’s the last time you experienced a deep connection with your environment? Immerse yourself. Get inspired!