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Posted by Rick Civelli | 12.10.2010 | Adult Surf Camps

The Benefits of Surf Travel

With the help of technology and transportation, numerous regions of the world are accessible through the luxury of travel. Whether by plane, automobile, or boat, more travelers are reaching vast distances.  Through preparation, planning, and perhaps most importantly, a strong sense for adventure, there are few limitations as to where we can travel. From snow covered mountain peaks in the Himalayas to outer reefs in Indonesia, it’s up to each traveler to choose their method to reach their final destination. When recalling a travel experience, rarely is the destination the highlight of the memory. It’s the people you meet, food you eat, and things you learn along the way that make the trip one of a kind.

Navigating the world allows one to experience different customs, beliefs, and values. These experiences give way to insight and set the stage for future paths and decisions. Geography, art, religion, and history are worldly goods that a traveler experiences first hand while on their journey. With nearly 195 countries worldwide, each has different laws, beliefs, and methods of living life. Through immersion, observation, and understanding, a traveler has the opportunity to live, breathe, and taste the diversity of different cultures.

With the right attitude and mindset, one can learn more from traveling than they would from many other educational experiences. Speak the language, taste the food, use public transportation, and engage with the locals. By fully immersing oneself, you gain the most out of the experience.  The resultof traveling is further self-discovery, better understanding of our world, and a gained perspective of life and what’s truly important.

Taking the step of breaking away from daily routine and venturing into the unfamiliar is the first part of the process. By seeing new places and trying new things, a spark ignites for adventure that teaches one to expand their horizons and think outside the box. Regardless of distance traveled, exposure to different cultures and landscapes create a further sense of understanding for the world we live in.

As a surf instructor with Surf Camp Inc, I have been fortunate enough to travel through multiple countries while teaching surfing and sharing my love for the Ocean. The friends I meet and experiences I gain  along the way enrich my life. They shape my outlook on life and further develop my passion for exploration.  From lucid blue waters in the British Virgin Islands, to blazing sunsets over the Pacific in Costa Rica, each location is unique, containing its own beauty. When I travel, I feel most alive. My focus is on the present as I break the mold of uniform routine. Every moment brings new faces, landscapes, cuisine, and opportunities for learning. Each time I return home with new friends, memories, and a fresh perspective on life.

Come share an adventure you’ll never forget with Surf Camp. If you want to explore a new area, learn a new skill, and enjoy the company of other active adventurers, our surf vacations are for you! Our Adult Surf Camps are guaranteed to provide you with quality learning experiences in beautiful tropical locations.