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Posted by Rick Civelli | 10.03.2008 | Surfing Lessons

Surfing Is So Much Fun!!

This past summer was my second summer here at Surf Camp. I work behind the scenes in our Surf Camp headquarters to make sure that you all have the most amazing summer of your life. While I take reservations and answer all of your questions, I have one BIG secret…. I know a lot about surfing but I have never tired it untill this summer. Now let’s rewind for a minute. I know it sounds weird. I get it all the time; “You work at a Surf Camp and you don’t surf?” It’s not that I would not like to be a surfer because I love the lifestyle and thiink the sport is truly  amazing! The idea of sitting there in the water, being one with the ocean, waiting for that perfect wave, sounds truly peaceful. There’s just one big obstacle standing in my way, and it’s actually kind of embarrassing, but I am aqua phobic.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love floating around a swimming pool on a raft, boating, and I’ve even branched out to jet skiing. Most people don’t even know this about me. I guess it’s because I truly hate not being able to control it. So fast forward to my lesson (yes I went for it). I met some of the other girls from the office bright and early on a beautiful Saturday morning. There really is nothing better than the smell of the salty sea air in the morning. I was a bit nervous, then I thought to myself, Surf Camp had put in over 1800 hours of instructor training this season and I know how awesome our instructors are because I sent out our customer surveys and hear the glowing comments.

 “I’m okay, I can totally do this,” and I just kept telling myself that. We sat on our boards and began ground school. I really can’t believe how much I learned! Our instructor, Travis, covered everything. From water safety to what to do if you get caught in a rip current. We talked about marine life and so much more. A lot of things I had always wondered about, but honestly felt too stupid to ask. By the time that we had started to work on popups I was set. Our last step before we charged into the water was stretching. I really think that I could’ve stretched all day. But… I knew it was time. I picked up my board and made my mind up right then and there; I was going to conquer this. I WAS GOING TO CONQUER THIS!! I would love to tell you that I was a natural and that I stood up like a pro, but there were witnesses who would totally call me out.

By the time that I would paddle into a wave I got so caught up in thinking about what I was doing that I completely missed it, over and over again. But don’t feel bad for me, because I really accomplished something that day! When I told my friends and family about it they were seriously shocked that I would even go for it. Honestly that feeling of sitting in the water, floating over the swells, and looking back at the shore, I felt something that I never had before. It was my mountain to conquer, and I really couldn’t have been happier with myself (okay, maybe happier if I would have stood up, but we’ll keep that between you and me). So now, fast forward to today. Am I charging those waves? Well… I wouldn’t say that just yet, but I am super stoked to get back out there and keep facing my fears head on. It really makes me feel like nothing is too big, and nothing will stand in my way!! If I could learn to surf, so can you, and I can relate to anyone who is thinking about trying, so please feel free to call me with any of your questions:)

Amber – Reservation Specialist