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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 11.26.2018 | Employment

The Perfect Summer Camp Job!

Are you a surfer? How about an aspiring marine biologist? Do you want to share your passion for environmental conservation with others? Now, imagine doing just that where the beach is your office, the salt marsh is your classroom, and all of your “board” meetings involve a surfboard while getting fed housed and paid!

WB Surf Camp has just entered our hiring season for summer 2019. We are looking for multi-talented, service oriented individuals with a strong desire to provide a life changing ocean experience to our campers. If you want to teach participants how to surf and/or educate on ocean safety, or marine science, we would love for you to apply!

I have worked for WB Surf Camp since 2012 and have worked from a field instructor, to counselor, to unit leader, and now work full time as a program coordinator. I can personally tell you that WB Surf Camp summer positions are some of the most fun, rewarding, and personally fulfilling positions you will ever have. Very few jobs allow you to see your passions ignite in the eyes of today’s youth, all while playing outside in the ocean everyday!

Positions available:

Day Camps:

Surf Instructor
Day Camp Surf Instructor
Day Camp Counselor
Day Camp Marine Educator

Overnight Summer Camps:

Residential Surf Instructor
Residential Counselor
Residential Marine Educator
Residential Cook
Residential Kitchen Staff
Residential Site Director Intern

*All of our program and camp positions have leadership opportunities as well*

Administrative Team (in office):

Office Intern
Surf School Coordinator
Activities Coordinator


Full Time Administrative Team:

Travel Program Coordinator


Summer staff pay is above industry standard and paid weekly. Each year a staff member returns, there is potential for advancement, a pay increase, and potential to go on our travel programs to Costa Rica and California. For more information on a specific position or to apply, you can click here to find our job descriptions and application.

I have worked in many positions within the tourism and recreation industry. Few things are more fulfilling than seeing someone join your passion, stand up on their first wave, or fall in love with the ocean. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then we would love to have you apply.

If you have specific questions you can email me, John Larkins, at john@wbsurfcamp.com. If you would rather speak to me via phone feel free to call me at 910.256.7873. I can be reached Monday- Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm EST.

Join us and have one of the best summers of your life! We would love for you to join the WB Surf Camp family!