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Posted by Rick Civelli | 07.01.2008 | Teen Camps

Surfing Memories…

A picture is worth a “thousand words” right..? Well, judging from the photographs of our 2008 Teen Bahamas Surf Camp, I would say that every camper had an amazing time!

To start off the day, campers would gather for a healthy, tasty breakfast, and then a yoga session would follow on the deck……practicing yoga prior to a session is the perfect way to begin the day!  The first surf session of the day would take us into the beautiful, pristine waters of the Atlantic.  Eleuthera provided perfect beaches and beautiful waves that you did not have to share with anyone!  Riding down the line on a glassy, crystal clear wave……I wish all of my mornings started like this!

Campers spent many afternoons honing their skills during a second surf session, but there were some days when they got their adventurous streak on.  Between snorkeling, cliff jumping, tide pooling, and caving, Surf Campers were doing things they had never DREAMED of!  After dinner, everyone would head into town to partake in the “after hours” festivities such as singing, dancing, enjoying the bonfire, and immersing themselves in everything Eleuthera has to offer.  Surfer’s Manor was the perfect lodging for Surf Campers with its comfortable feel and home-cooked food.  I am sold!  I am definitely booking my plane ticket soon.

Each memory that was created was one that will last a lifetime in the minds of Surf Campers.  When you sign up for one of our programs, you can never imagine what relationships will form.  The Bahamas crew truly developed into a family where everyone became “brothers and sisters.”  What are you waiting for?!?  Sign up for our 2009 Teen Bahamas Surf Camp adventure today.

See you in Eleuthera!

– Tracy