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Posted by Rick Civelli | 10.27.2009 | WB Surf Camp News

Surf Camp October Days….

The office is humming along as we make our way through these last days of October. Rick just finished creating a web page for a new program we’re offering this summer: Teen California Surf Camp. Jason Andre has been in the office helping us with the program development, and we know it is going to be a hit this summer. Erica and I have been busy tuning up all of the informational emails we send out to prospective clients. We are ready for a fresh group of 2010 Surf Campers!!!

Just a little news to share about some fellow staff…

Steve Schroeder is quickly recovering from an accident where his mouth came in too close of contact with the bow of a boat last weekend. Steve is sporting some stitches and some shiny new teeth, but he is still smiling and feeling lucky to be alive. We’re so glad you’re okay, Steve!

Wendy Bryant is making her way cross country to Colorado where she’ll spend the winter working at a Ski Resort. Chris Powell is not too far behind-he’ll be heading out to CO in early November to work as a snowboard instructor. We hope you guys enjoy the winter wonderland!

With little Ryder McCann turning three months old, Mark and Jill have their hands full with a little munchkin. Mark Suhrie and Erin are enjoying their four month old Cora immensely, and Erica and I absolutely love it when she comes to visit us in the office (hint, hint!) We hope to see Ryder soon, too!

Doug Carroll is working hard in the Marine Tech program at CFCC, and enjoying time with his new family addition, a Great Dane named “Maco.” Launi is ready for a visit from Maco, Doug!

Happy trick or treating!!!!