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Posted by Rick Civelli | 04.06.2018 | Adult Surf Camps

Surf Travel is Needed for Adults

Surfers are always searching for the “perfect wave”. The ideal wave is different for everyone depending on equipment, ability and preference. Luckily, modern transportation allows us to travel all over the world to find our optimal conditions. As adults, it can be changeling to find the time to go surfing multiple days a week. With the many responsibilities of life, timing the swell, tide and wind with work and family obligations is  a struggle. The real magic is when I go away on a surf trip, I usually log 2 sessions a day or around 5 hours of daily water time. This multiplied by a week will give me over 30 hours of time on my board which might take me a month or even more to reach at home. So when I return from a surf trip, I do not feel the urgency to paddle out in marginal surf and I can be fully present as a husband and dad. There are many other great reasons to go on a surf trip, here are just a few:

Go Explore

No matter how good your home break may be, we always have an itch to travel. Going to a new surf destination, whether in or out of our home country, is an eye-opening and enriching experience. You get to surf different waves with new people and oftentimes learn about a new culture. Some of the world’s best waves exist in exotic locations like Costa Rica, Peru, and the Caribbean – excellent waves in warm water under sunny skies.


One of the reasons why surfers travel so much and so often is the excitement of the unknown. You never know what to expect when traveling to a new place. Of course you can plan to arrive during a swell, but this requires last minute planning. This also usually more expensive than if you planned a surf trip ahead of time. So most of the time surfers plan trips during the optimal wave season of a particular area and hope that when they arrive there will be waves. Unfortunately, this means that you might get “skunked,” the water shows flat waves and you just traveled half way around the world to go surfing! When this happens, make the best of the situation and enjoy your new surroundings while planning another trip that will surely allow to score some killer waves.

However, when you plan a trip and arrive to perfect waves and weather, it is magic. You feel wide awake and energized – all that matters is grabbing your board and diving into the water. Your first good ride of the trip makes the travel and expense worthwhile, you already know you never want to leave!


Our Adult Travel Camps Are Here to Help!

Travel surf adventures will change your life. They serve as a way of filling up your own cup. We give so much to many and when we take care of ourselves we are better able to take care of others.  After experiencing new cultures, waves, and norms of an exotic surf location, your life will be forever changed. Join us in Costa Rica, Peru or British Virgin Islands and let us remove the stress of planning and logistics. We invest countless hours in refining our itinerary and making sure we stay in and eat at the most authentic places available.  So join me and our top coaches for an experience that you will never forget!