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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.17.2009 | WB Surf Camp News

Surf Travel Is Good For The Soul!!!

Surfers are always in search of the “perfect wave.” The ideal wave is different for everyone depending on equipment, ability and preference. Luckily, modern transportation allows us to travel all over the world to find the conditions of our choosing.

No matter how good our home break may be we always have an itch to travel. Going to a new surf destination, whether it is in or out of our home country, is always an eye-opening and exciting experience. You get to surf different waves with new people and oftentimes learn about a new culture. Some of the best waves that the world has to offer are in exotic locations like Peru, Costa Rica, and the British Virgin Islands. This means  getting to surf excellent waves in pristine water with perfect, blue skies.

Perhaps one of the reasons why surfers travel so much and so often is the excitement of the unknown. You never know what to expect when traveling to a new place. Of course you can plan to arrive during a swell, but this has to be done at the last minute and usually costs a lot more money than if you were to plan a surf trip ahead of time. So most of the time surfers plan trips during the optimal wave season of a particular area and hope that when they arrive there will be waves.

When you plan a trip and arrive to perfect waves and weather it is magic. You are no longer tired or stressed, all that matters at that moment is grabbing your board and getting into the water. Your first good ride of the trip makes the hassle of traveling and lack of sleep all worth it, you already know that you never want to leave!

You work hard all year long, so come spoil yourself with an amazing surfing vacation you’ll never forget. Our time tested progressional teaching system instills a comprehensive skill set and teaches the surfing fundamentals while inspiring you to develop a stoke for the ocean that will last a lifetime. Everyone dreams of the perfect learn-to-surf adventure in a tropical paradise; now you can make it a reality.

We are currently taking enrollments for TWO of our EPIC surf trips for adults. Come catch the waves of your life on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica or touch down on the island paradise of Tortola, BVI. Let our concierge service and rich knowledge of renowned surf breaks be the reason you spoil yourself. You wont regret it

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