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Posted by Rick Civelli | 04.11.2008 | Teen Camps

Surf & SCUBA Summer Camp

I’m so excited about Surf Camps new Surf and SCUBA specialty camp.  I got my dive certification back when I was 18 and it’s one the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Since then I’ve had the option to dive while on vacation.  In the past 8 years I’ve dove in Santa Catalina Island, California; the Bahamas; West Palm Beach, Florida; the dry Tortugas; Hawaii; Wrightsville Beach, NC; the Outer Banks, NC; in the dolphin pools at my previous job; Byron Bay, Australia; and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia!!!  In fact, North Carolina was rated one of the #1 diving destination in the United States by Scuba Diving Magazine!  Through diving, I’ve been able to get up-close and personal with marine life that most people never get to see except on the Discovery Chanel.  Being able to breathe underwater and stay down for an hour makes you feel like you are just one of the fishes!!!

If you’re thinking about coming to Surf Camp this summer and you have interest in marine life and learning how to surf then Surf and SCUBA Camp is most definitely for you!

– Jenn R