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Posted by Rick Civelli | 12.28.2010 | WB Surf Camp News

Surf Preperation: Through Yoga

Is your surf forecast looking flat as a pancake? Has it been weeks, or even months, since you were last in the water? Don’t just sit around in misery; make use of this time by preparing your mind and body for the next swell!

Surfing is unlike most sports because the playing field is constantly changing. Mother Nature must align her elements precisely in order for waves to be present. When waves are non-existent, a surfer must channel his/her focus into alternate activities to maintain a strong condition. Depending on your proximity to consistent surf, sessions can be scarce. Surfing is a sport that takes incredible amounts of energy and patience. Without the proper training, it can become grueling and exhausting. Luckily there’s an activity that complements surfing and will prepare you physically and mentally for the next session.


Yoga and surfing are similar in the sense that they both enhance quality of life. Although surfing is great exercise, it is not completely symmetrical. The neck, shoulders, and back get worked predominately, while the legs engage only when standing up riding waves. This causes imbalance to the body’s equilibrium and can result in soreness, stress, and injury. Practicing yoga will increase overall flexibility and lead to a better sense of self-awareness. Injury becomes less prevalent, thoughts become clearer, and connection is achieved through the power of this practice. Yoga is therapeutic; it helps in becoming more aware of your body’s posture, alignment, and patterns of movement. Mind and body connection become vital as you paddle for the wave of the day, stand up, and drop into a perfectly shaped barrel. It’s moments like these that yoga pays off, allowing the body and mind to maintain deep concentration in the midst of chaos.

Patience is another virtue achieved through the practice of yoga. By maintaining good patience, our lives become less stressful, and things become clearer.  Yoga improves attitude throughout daily life and boosts personal potential. Anyone can do yoga, regardless of age, size, or fitness level. Modifications exist to meet individuals wherever they may be in their practice.
Yoga not only enhances you physically and spiritually, but it also harmonizes your body and mind, shifting everything perfectly into tune.

Are you ready to get more out of life?

Start maintaining a more relaxed attitude, with deeper connection, through the practice of yoga. Check out your local yoga studio’s schedule and get started in your practice! The Wilmington Yoga Center offers multiple classes shaped towards different skill levels: including several “pay what you can” introductory classes for beginners. For If you want to experience the bliss of yoga and surfing together, WB Surf Camp offers a Women’s Yoga Surf Retreat in the soul-warming sun of Wrightsville Beach, NC.