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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.04.2010 | WB Surf Camp News

Surf Camp Instructor of the Week Jan 3 – 9: Doug Carroll

Doug Carroll

Doug Carroll

Now entering his 4th year at WB Surf Camp, Doug Carroll has made so many smiles come true while Directing our camps and teaching private Surf Lessons. He has traveled with us to the Outer Banks, Costa Rica, and has even spent a month with us in the British Virgin Islands. Doug has a unique combination of an easy going personality and an amazing work ethic….a formula for sure success at whatever his future brings! 

1. What drew you to a position at Surf Camp? While I was a junior at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, I decided to spend the summer in beautiful Wrightsville Beach rather than return to New York. I happened across an advertisement on WBlivesurf.com for surf instructor positions at Surf Camp. What better way to spend the summer? Being outdoors all day, teaching something that I am passionate about and meeting tons of new people.

2. Who is your favorite and why? Clay Marzo… He always goes really vertical and his video sections are insane.

3. When did you start surfing and where? mid 90’s.. Long Beach, NY

4. What is your favorite surf break? Chicama, Peru; one of the longest lefts in the World along with the most welcoming locals.

5. What inspired you to start surfing? I think it was the next step from body boarding, or at least I saw it that way. I always looked up to the older surfers at our local beach and finally thanks to a freebie longboard and some tips from my Dad’s friends I was hooked.

6. Where was your most memorable session? I had to go to the OBX for my friends Dad’s funeral, and before and after the service the waves were really good. The gentleman that passed away loved to surf, so it was really cool to have all of our friends together to surf, kinda for him.

7. What is the worst wipeout you’ve ever had? Hurricane Bill, paddled out when I shouldn’t have. Somehow managed to get outside, then got cleaned up and my leash broke.

8. What are some of your interests outside of surfing? Fishing, Boats, Traveling, Music, Spearfishing

9. What is your favorite movie? Boondock Saints

10. What is your favorite music? Sublime/Slightly Stoopid/Longbeach Dub Allstars

11. What is your favorite food? Anything with an Asian twist…Thai food, Sushi

12. Where do you see yourself in five years? Stay at home dad..haha. I hope to be

13. In your eyes, the three things you value most are: Family, Friends, Fun

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