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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.02.2011 | Adult Surf Camps

Could life get any better? Fire away – the end of Week One in paradise!

Week one of WB Surf Camp’s Costa Rica adventure has flown by, as our next group of clients arrived Saturday, ready to thaw out and embrace the warmth of this special place. The raw power of the sea spoke to each of us over the past week and the connection was felt like never before. Each day we immersed ourselves in the invigorating wild side of nature as our skills in the water improved. With plenty of time to reflect, we paddled out with schooling fish, spotted eagle rays, and the company of newfound friends. One of the greatest factors of surfing is that each session is unique in its own way. Wave size, winds, marine life, and scenery are constantly shifting, making every session different.

The last two mornings of our first week of camp were spent surfing at one of our favorite spots – Avellanas. Avellanas is a special place that makes you feel isolated from the rest of the world. Time slows down as you focus on the present and nothing more. We spent both mornings surfing perfect, glassy waves in translucent water. Once exhausted, we retired to hammocks on the beach strung between giant palms and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation for a nap. After waking up to the sounds of Bob Marley flowing from Lola’s beach lounge, it was time to refuel with a mango smoothie and some fresh ceviche. Lola is a massive, mischievous pig that hangs out with you on the beach, bathing in the surf and hoping for your leftover food. Nowhere else can you experience an environment this special and unique! Time slipped away as we found ourselves nearing the end of our first week.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, they did! Surfing legend, Robert August from the original Endless Summer joined our group for dinner on our last night. We gazed over the Pacific while conversing with one of surfing’s kings! Mr. August told stories of surfing around the world, filling us in on his lifelong journey as a surfer. After getting photos and autographs we walked back to the hotel satisfied, knowing that we couldn’t have ended the week any better.

Everyone from our group is now a surfer for life! Skills have improved, confidence has been boosted, and outlooks on life have changed! Everyone has officially caught the STOKE! We couldn’t have asked for better conditions or a more excellent group of people!

Stay tuned for round two of our epic surfing adventure..