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Posted by Rick Civelli | 04.25.2012 | Teen Camps

Summer Camp with a Mission


Discovering a summer camp that fits your style of adventure can be tricky. There are so many options available that offer a lot of different activities and sports that you can find pretty much anywhere. WB Surf Camp offers surfing-focused adventures in incredible world-wide locations, all with a community service component and a mission geared towards environmental conservation.

Summer camp is a unique opportunity to participate in activities not typically available to you in your daily life. It is a chance to meet others with similar passions and forge life-long bonds with people from different cultures. WB Surf Campers come from all over the world: in our 11 years we have had campers come from 46 US states and 20 countries. Camps provide a safe environment where you can set and meet new and adventurous goals, gain self-confidence, learn new skills, and develop a sense of independence.

Life. We are surrounded by it, and yet so many people never truly live it to the fullest. They never get the opportunities to build new life and leadership skills. A summer camp that teaches you how to surf, SCUBA dive, shape surfboards, and save lives accomplishes all of those things and more by providing campers with a focus and a drive to enjoy life to the max and learn skills that will stick with them for…well, life! WB Surf Camp provides all of these unique experiences, as well as the opportunity to surf in amazing places across the globe to foster a sense of love for the ocean and feeling of confidence that every person needs to become successful participants in life and good stewards of our planet. We are very proud of our mission to empower the next generation of youth to love the ocean and thereby take care of it.

WB Surf Camp provides exciting and unique opportunities for building new skills, developing leadership, having fun, celebrating life, and creating new relationships with others. The anticipation leading up to camp that’s been felt by campers through the years always ends in massive smiles, confidence boosts, new circles of friends with shared passions, an education in caring for the planet, and a new set of life skills. Surfing is more than riding a wave in the ocean. It’s falling in love with and allowing the ocean to become your passion for the rest of your life. We hope to surf with you this summer!