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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 12.01.2017 | Adult Surf Camps, Costa Rica Surf Camp, Family Surf Camps, Learn To Surf, Teen Camps

Step out of your comfort zone. Try something new!

Many people will go their entire lives and never leave their home state, aka staying inside their comfort zone. However, building up the courage to try something new and stepping into the unknown can be extremely beneficial. It teaches you a new culture, builds confidence, exposes you to different ways of thinking, and can ignite new passions. This leads to developing well-rounded and more informed citizens. The more you know and the more perspectives you take in, the more “well rounded” you are.

The benefits of travel out-weigh all of the excuses. Travel is possible, just start small. You can travel cheap by back packing, where you stay in hostels or cheap hotels and just carry a pack with the essentials. You can save for a more inclusive trip. Start a travel jar where you put the change from each day and you can have enough to take a trip almost anywhere. If you’ve never traveled, start by going to a new city in your state.

Businesses even specialize in ‘first experiences’. WB Surf Camp specifically focuses on surfing and marine science but there are innumerable agencies that can teach you something new from scratch. You can learn how to snowboard, kite boarding, sailing, scuba diving, spelunking, even how to skydive without any previous experience. This is our job because we believe in its importance. This entire field (recreation and tourism) is designed to offer new experiences to the everyday working person. Many companies even offer payment plans and scholarships, WB Surf Camp included. We want you to expand your horizons, maybe even ignite a new passion.

There’s Something for Everyone

If you are scared of heights maybe skydiving isn’t for you. If you aren’t about small spaces, then probably no spelunking. But there is something out there for everyone. Start your travel jar. Do your research. Send your kids to camp. Do what you have to do but get out there! It is not only possible but easier than ever. The purpose of this industry is to better our participants’ lives. If you want to learn to surf, Surf Camp Inc. has what you need but no matter what, step out and try something new.