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Posted by Rick Civelli | 12.12.2008 | WB Surf Camp News

Sex and The City Star – Mr. Big Comes to Surf Camp!

Well, Mr. Big actually came in 2003 but we did not have a blog way back then and we just found these pictures.  He attended one of our full week surf camps and boy was he motivated and determined to learn.  Matter of fact, we could not get him out of the water.  He surfed our favorite breaks and ate at our local go to’s and hung out all day.  It is awesome how many people, especially adults, decide to overcome their fears of the ocean and try surfing. Once they make the decision to try, the rest is up to us to make sure they have a safe, super fun time during their life-changing experience. Our staff and equipment are second to none, and this is why Mr. Big sought us out. What an incredible time he had! Just in case you do not watch TV, Chris Noth plays Mr. Big on the hit HBO show Sex and the City. You should have seen the look on all the ladies faces in camp when Mr. Big showed up for camp. Who knows what celebrity you might be paddling out with in your next Surf Camp adventure!!!


As you can see, Mr. Big took Surf Camp very seriously! One of the many great things about being part of Surf Camp is seeing the different reactions our clients have as they catch their first, second, or hundredth wave. The feeling of accomplishment you get from learning how to surf through us is indescribable. It doesn’t matter what your age, height, weight, or shoe size is, anybody can try surfing. Our instructors are so professional, well-trained and prepared to work with clients of all shapes and sizes. So make your New Years Resolution the best one yet……come to Surf Camp and change your life forever!