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Posted by Rick Civelli | 08.03.2018 | Costa Rica Surf Camp, Teen Camps

Pura Vida! Teen Costa Rica Surf Camp

At WB Surf Camp we believe traveling is an important aspect of life because it helps young adults learn about different cultures and grow as a person. We just finished our second two week Teen Costa Rica Surf Camp, so we thought it could be insightful to explain a little more about this beautiful country and what it’s like to experience the “Pura Vida” lifestyle.

Pura Vida Meaning

The direct translation of Pura Vida is “simple life” or “pure life”. In Costa Rica it is so much more than just a catch phrase; Pura Vida is a way of life that many of us can learn from. According to Vacations Costa Rica, Costa Rica is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. The locals do not stress and worry as much as most of us do in our daily hectic lives, they live by the country’s motto, Pura Vida! They have grown accustomed to being thankful for all the positives in their lives rather than focusing on the negatives.

It Means No Worries!  

Though in Costa Rica they may live by a “No Worries!” motto, we know it is a parent’s job to worry about where they are sending their teenagers. We assure you, our Teen Costa Rica Surf Camp is extremely safe for your son or daughter. With a newly renovated airport in Liberia and well maintained highways, Costa Rica is easy to navigate for tourists. We offer two methods of travel to ensure the peace of mind for families when sending their child to our camp; teens can travel independently to meet an instructor in Liberia, or with an instructor flying from Atlanta International. Our campers are supervised 24/7 by a same gender instructor. At our camp, your teenager(s) will have the opportunity to advance their surfing skills, enjoy a zip-lining tour, go white water rafting, tour a national park, learn conversational Spanish, and participate in community service projects.

Whether your teen is an advanced surfer looking to achieve new goals, or a beginner learning to surf for the first time, our Costa Rica camp is the experience of a lifetime. Our unbeatable 3:1 camper to instructor ratio provides your son or daughter with the tools to gain confidence out on the water and learn new skills. Being immersed into the Pura Vida lifestyle allows students to grow like never before in just 2 weeks! Costa Rica’s culture and our Costa Rica camp enhance your teen’s potential for personal growth that cannot be found elsewhere. Don’t worry we also offer an adult Surf and Yoga Retreat in January for all the Moms and Dads out there who what to experience Pura Vida for themselves.

Make sure to stay updated on our website for the postings of the 2019 schedule to get your teen into a Costa Rica Travel Camp next summer! Trust us, it’s worth it!

Interested in learning how to surf in Costa Rica yourself? Check out the dates for our 2019 Adult Surf and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica!