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Posted by Jeb Brinkley | 11.22.2019 | Costa Rica Surf Camp, Teen Camps, Uncategorized, WB Surf Camp News

Program Highlight: Advanced Teen Costa Rica Surf & Adventure Camp

Have you ever wanted to explore Costa Rica’s surf rich Northern Pacific coast? I don’t mean just taking a visit to one of the beaches, but rather a true exploration where you see something new each day. Here at WB Surf Camp we have spent years becoming familiar with the beaches and waves of the Guanacaste Province, located on the Northwest coast of Costa Rica, and we want to give young surfers the same opportunity we have been able to enjoy through our Advanced Teen Costa Rica Surf & Adventure Camp. Based in Playa Grande, you will be able to surf amazing waves up and down a coastline dotted with both beach and reef breaks. Jeff Carver, our top traveling surf coach, and local guides will make sure you are on the best waves in the area on any given day of your camp!

Each morning you will wake up to the sound of barreling waves and the smell of an authentic Costa Rican breakfast of eggs, beans, fresh fruit and veggies to fuel you up for the first surf session of the day. Jeff and your local guides will fill you in on where you will be surfing that day, give an overview of the day’s conditions, explain the type of break to which you are travelling, and telling you what to bring in your day pack. After a day of surfing and exploring, it will be time for some relaxation by the pool, and video and photo analysis to take a look at what techniques you should be practicing the next day.

You might be familiar with our Teen Costa Rica Surf camp that we have been running for years. This is a great program for surfers who want to learn to surf while on vacation, using a slow, easy pace to build confidence and stoke on the wave right in front of the camp. Advanced Costa Rica is not that experience. With this new program, designed for intermediate to advanced surfers, you will be hitting the road early every morning to go find the most perfect wave of the day.

One part of Teen Advanced Costa Rica Surf & Adventure Camp that should really get a young surfer excited is Witches Rock. This iconic break is one of the most treasured spots of the country. On a good, clean day this place looks like something out of a movie, and funnily enough it is! Witches Rock was featured in Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer, the surf film that set the template for all others like it. Even just one afternoon surfing Witches Rock is all the reason I need to take a trip to Costa!

Many professional surfers will say that one of the reasons they decided to focus their career on the sport of surfing was to see parts of the world they would have otherwise never visited. Let your surfing take you to the beautiful tropics of Costa Rica, where you will advance your surfing on consistent, quality waves, experience a culture that could be very different from what you know at home, and make lifelong friendships with other adventurous young surfers. This is the surf adventure that you’ve been waiting for!