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Posted by Rick Civelli | 09.19.2011 | WB Surf Camp News

Pro Surfing Returns to Sunny Southern California for Event # 7 on the World Tour

Sunday, September 18th began the way most do. Coffee, tea, breakfast, and…phhhhppppphph…SICK! The Trestles contest is on??!!

After an exchange of the mid season cast of the top surfers in the world, the ASP has returned to San Clemente, CA to shred on the skatepark-like waves of Lower Trestles. If you watched the Quicksilver Pro in New York a couple of weeks ago, not only would you have seen some epic surfing, but you would have heard several interviews with seasoned veterans who either made the cut or got cut. The rotation format of who goes and who stays can be somewhat confusing to the average lay person, especially half way through the season. Then there are the trials and wild cards that pop up at different contests that puts another whole spin on things.

It was exciting to watch the match ups in NYC, as Josh Kerr threw down 9’s in his round 1 heat, local junior Balaram Stack faced 10 time world champ Kelly Slater, and the second consecutive final went down between Owen Wright and Slater (with Wright besting Slater this time). Now, however, a new cast of characters will enter the arena at the most shreddable wave on the west coast.

Already the results of round one have local tour veteran Taylor Knox, who just made the cut, advancing straight to round three. Slater and Wright also came blazing out of the gates, and Aussies Matt Wilkinson and Taj Burrow also skipped along to to the 3rd round. Keep your eyes on the Live Hurley Webcast to watch the heats as round 2 gets going today.