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Posted by Rick Civelli | 01.26.2011 | WB Surf Camp News

One Smile at a Time

While the “season of giving” may have passed, making someone smile knows no seasonal boundary. Many of you are familiar with our mission of philanthropy and at some time have been a part of it, so I wanted to take this moment to show appreciation for the supporters of our recent Holiday Helper program.

Joining the WB Surf Camp team in December was a whirlwind experience. Gift requests were coming in, catalogs were going out, and there was a deluge of information about all the camps that needed to be learned. Amidst all the activity, it was refreshing to meet so many past and present staff members. It seemed to be a daily occurrence that someone would walk through the door, bearing gifts and a smile.

Teachers came in with money portioned from their meager salaries. Parents with many children to shop for at home, came supplying boxes of gifts. Every person infused their offering with cheer and goodwill. In the busy time that defines the holidays, everyone at WB Surf Camp paused to put the needs of the community before their own. The rewards speak for themselves, as you can see from the appreciative smiles.

In a season where most people talk about giving, but are hesitant to commit; it is reassuring to work for a company and with people who are so generous and self-sacrificing. Thank you for introducing me to the WB Surf Camp spirit of selflessness. It is an honor to work alongside all who gave back – one smile at a time.

-Dani     dad