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Posted by Rick Civelli | 04.09.2012 | Family Surf Camps

A Family that Surfs Together Stays Together!!

The purpose of a family vacation is to reconnect, relax, and make the most of each day. This is exactly what the Mann family has done over the past week of their Family Surfing Camp. Forgetting busy schedules and work demands, each person spent time connecting with the ocean through surfing, snorkeling, and swimming. The ocean is one of the most dynamic elements on earth, always changing, shifting, and providing waves of all sizes for a few lucky individuals to ride. Throughout the week we’ve seen a broad spectrum of conditions, from slow rolling playful waves, to world-class two story walls of water, we’ve experienced the power of the ocean in multiple forms. With HD video from land as well as photos for analysis, everyone has been super excited to see and feel their surfing improving throughout each session.

Mary Ashburn spent the majority of the week getting dialed in on her shortboard, focusing on bottom turns, rail to rail maneuvering, and cut backs. By the end of the week she was shredding down the line and feeling comfortable on the smaller board! Austin and Charlie could be seen walking up and down the board, maneuvering top to bottom, and catching almost every wave that peeled into the bay. It was great seeing the two brothers feed of each other’s energy, while trading off waves, and hooting on the whole family! Kathy was surfing very well as usual, picking off the bigger set waves that nobody seemed to see coming. From lefts, rights, to late drops Kathy was in rhythm with her timing and positioning, reading each wave in a precise manner.

Each morning we gathered for breakfast while the sounds of roosters, goats, and peacocks filled the air. After discussing our adventures for the day and talking about specific surfing goals, we loaded up the truck and scoured the island for the best waves. Getting into the
natural rhythm of surfing and the island lifestyle left us with a shared feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction by the end of each action packed day. As time passed, we suddenly found ourselves at the end of the week getting ready for departure. The quality experiences that the Mann family shared together will forever be remembered as a magical week in the Caribbean. Once again it’s been an incredible WB Surf Camp Adventure!