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Posted by Rick Civelli | 02.03.2012 | Adult Surf Camps

Learning to Surf at Costa Rica Surf Camp

New beginnings, new expectations, no expectations! A fresh and lively bunch of soon to be surfers arrived this week for our second learn to surf Costa Rica Surf Camp. It never grows old introducing clients to the authentic and natural wonders and amazing waves of this country. From learning to surf, going to a “Festival”, to Zip-lining, there’s always something new and special that you can expect no matter how many times you do it. Just like surfing waves, it never grows old, even if its always in Costa Rica.

Everyone that chooses to attend this particular learn to surf camp always tends to bring their own story to add to the variety. Each personality, each background, and each separate station in life combined with varying swells, tides, and local interactions, gives every adult surf camp its own DNA and makes it unique and special.

The great thing about it is that I could never just pick one camp over the many we’ve done as being the best. We enter each and every camp with the motto of “Last weeks ceiling is this weeks floor”. We have 3 main goals…Safety…Fun…and Learning.. our mission is to teach our clients everything we know about surfing so they will accomplish their goals. There are certainly key moments and memories that stand out, as I’m sure is true for all of our clients who have traveled with us Costa Rica. But it is one of the main reasons for so many of them  choosing to return every year! To relive some and discover new ones, but more importantly improving our surfing skills and getting that life giving “shot in the arm” that we crave for the other 51 weeks out of the year.

As always, this week we have been able to bond quickly and learn each other’s unique characteristics. A comfort level that exists nowhere else that I’ve found materializes in our Surf School as the ocean melts away any inhibitions or pride as everyone learns to surf. This week we had perfect waves and our clients improved so much as we coached them beyond their perceived personal limitations. Its always fun to watch the different personalities, stories, senses of humor, and group dynamics bring people to life all with the common goal of learning how to surf in Costa Rica. Especially on Karaoke night:) One of the coolest things about this years trip was that our first session filled up with all returning clients except for one person. That means we are dong something right. We all love our jobs so much and hope to teach you how to surf sometime very soon!