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Posted by Rick Civelli | 05.15.2012 | Surfer of the Week, WB Surf Camp News

Instructor Spotlight, May 2012: Nikki Harth

We have so many amazing instructors joining our team this summer, coming from all over the globe and bringing with them a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets. We are super stoked to welcome one of the newest additions to the WB Surf Camp team and hailing from the West Coast, Nikki Harth. Steeped in the surfing culture of southern California, Nikki has roots in Norway, but his Aloha spirit, love of surfing, and eagerness to share it with others shines through in his warm personality which will get passed on to hundreds of campers this summer. Nikki will be coming on board as Assistant Director to our WB Overnight Teen Camps and Day Camps. We can’t wait!

What drew you to a position at WB Surf Camp? I am a recent graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California, and I want to get into the surf tourism industry, and a surf camp is a great way to start!

Who is your favorite surfer and why? Taj Burrow. Such fluid style and progressive.

When did you start surfing and where? I learned to surf when I was 10, but didn’t really get into it until I was 14. And my dad taught me in my local town, Encinitas, California.

What is your favorite surf break? Rincon, Santa Barbara. It’s the perfect wave.

What inspired you to start surfing? My dad and brother would go all the time, and would always come back with such big smiles. My passion for the water allowed me to feel comfortable out in the lineup and I got the bug, and 11 years later I can’t imagine my life without surfing in it.

Where was your most memorable session? My roommate and I drove to Santa Barbara at 3:00 am, paddled out at Rincon at 5:00am under a full moon and surfed for over an hour by just the moonlight. Got my first night barrel. It was an epic trip!

What is the worst wipeout you’ve ever had? In Nicaragua the lip of the wave hit me in the chest while I was pulling into the barrel and I got sucked over the falls twice and then pinned on the sand and dragged for another 20 yards or so. Only injury was a sand burn on my collar bone.

What are some of your interests outside of surfing? Hiking, biking, camping, swimming, fishing, volleyball, soccer, and anything else outdoors.

What is your favorite movie? Anchorman, but surf movie is Fair Bits.

What is your favorite music? The Tallest Man on Earth, Mumford and Sons, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, and anything else but country.

What is your favorite food? Mexican food, especially a California Burrito.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully owning and running a successful surf camp in a tropical location.

In your eyes, the three things you value most are: Friends and Family, Outdoor recreation and play, Education